Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Plan, as it Stands So Far

The borrowed trailer...I've been blessed with the loan of a 4 horse!

The plan, that is to say, the current plan, is to leave somewhere between 3 and 4 am next Weds morning. At first I'd thought around 8, but you know...that Seattle traffic is killer. Even after rush hour begins to die down, there are a lot of cars out on that road. I'm just not digging the thought of navigating through it. By heading out early, I'll be just past Seattle when traffic begins to get real crazy.

Of course...that puts me down in Vancouver and Portland in time for their crazy rush. But I suppose if I've got to drive through someone's rush hour, it may as well be a couple hours closer to my destination, don't you think?

I'll be picking up a couple of passengers along the way; one a 4-H leader and fellow mustang enthusiast in SW Washington. The other is Photogchic from Equine Mine! Photogchic will be getting some video footage of Sandy loading; isn't that exciting?

In Eugene, OR, we'll be making a very special stop; that's where Quiet Storm now lives, and I'll be bringing plenty of kleenex to dry my eyes and blow my nose when I see her again. Of course, there will be plenty of photos for you!

I anticipate spending the night in Medford, then traveling into California and meeting up with Dixie, one of my fellow trainers, in Redding for brunch. We're trying to talk the mistress of Mud Ranch into meeting us, too :) From Redding, it's down to Sacramento where we'll spend the night with another one of the Mustang Challenge trainers.

It's sure to be two very full days down, but I'm excited about meeting so many people who are now only screen names. Of course, meeting Sandy for the first time will be a thrill and a half! I wonder if Sandy's a he, or a she? Nine more days until we all find out...

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Andrea said...

That sounds like an excellent plan. We went through Seattle once during rush hour with a horse trailer and it was a NIGHTMARE. The poor horse got jostled around quite a bit.

Vancouver and north Portland rush hour have been pretty tame when I've been through them. As you head south in the afternoon it was shockingly slow though. But maybe mornings are better. And heck, you could pull off and stretch your legs and wait for traffic to clear up. Probably wouldn't lose any time that way since you'd be going about 2 miles an hour anyway...

What fun! A road trip! Are you taking a laptop so we can meet Sandy at the first possible opportunity?

Tracey said...

Andrea, you betcher best Sunday bonnet I'll have the lap top :) City Boy's already installed photo shop onto it so I can upload photos at the first opportunity. Maybe, if we get there early enough Thurs., we'll be able to find out which horse it is while still in the corrals and get some pics then. That's what I'm hoping for, anyway!

Katee said...

Is Darling going with too?

Tracey said...

No, she's got to stay home and take care of the other critters. She'll be missing school to come down to the competition, plus a couple of adoptions, so she'll just have to sit this one out. I hate leaving her behind!

Callie said...

Wow, sounds exciting........I love a road trip. And through beautiful country as well and with horses. Yippee! Have a safe trip and Good Luck!

20 meter circle of life said...

Traffic here in PDX should not be to bad. If you need a girl on the street traffic reporter give a shout and I can send updates to cell phones of wanted. I travel really early to work and rely on trucking to get my job done so I can pretty much tell you on any given day what traffic looks like. The ODOT website has really good info on construction delays etc.
Have a wonderful journey

Rising Rainbow said...

wow, it's coming up fast. It sounds like you've got a great group of bloggers going along. That's pretty cool.

I was wondering about the loading. It's great that photogchic is going to capture it.

Rush hour in Portland can be a zoo. Be sure you're really clear on which lanes you need to be in or you can get really messed up. Finding a place to turn around with a rig isn't fun. This would be the voice of experience here! lol

Mrs Mom said...

Holy Horse Hair Tracey! Its ALMOST HERE!!!!

Good golly, you have got to be about peeing in your jeans with excitement. How much sleep ya gonna miss out on the night before you head out? hehehe ;)

Cant wait to see the progress Tracey!!!! And PICS!!

Jamie said...

Have fun! I can hardly wait to hear about the trip and the inital meeting! Road trips are always fun! I don't know anything about the traffic situation up there in the Portland area but if it's anything like Chicago be EXTREMELY clear on what lane you need. Can hardly wait to meet Sandy!