Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Sunny stands in the old paddock.

I can't believe the sun is shining! And am I getting ready to work a wild horse or two? Or even three? No. I'm getting the kids up and ready to leave because the Keizer meats is coming today to butcher the pig. No one really wants to be here when it happens, so we'll head off to town and do a bit of shopping to distract ourselves.

The weather report sounded good for today and tomorrow, but instead of mounting up, which I'd dearly love to do, I think I'll just be leading through the field and trees. City Boy has begun working on the barn extension, and the paddock that served so well as a place to start the youngsters is not only reduced in size, but has all sorts of tools sitting in it at the moment.

The round pen is also out of the question as it's been housing Pig these past couple of months. Instead of in a nice, cleared area conducive to riding, it's found itself encircling a patch of blackberries (which pig was supposed to eat, but didn't.) Perhaps this afternoon I'll sweet talk City Boy into helping me move some of the round pen panels out into the pasture to create a safe place to start working the horses again. None of them has had anything done since the before the fair.

Have any of you got RFD TV? Last night they aired an episode on the Extreme Mustang Makeover. It must be a series of programs as last night was mostly short interviews with the trainers and the folks who are sponsoring the event. It was kinda fun to put faces to the names, plus see some of the trainers that we're following via their websites and blogs. If you get a chance and haven't already done so, visit some of the trainers' sites that I've got listed in to the right. It's pretty amazing what you can do with a wild horse in such a short time!

Sunny relaxes long enough to allow her eye to be photographed.

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Anonymous said...

Um, this might be out of line, but that picture of Sunny is making me wonder. From the way she is standing she looks like she might be uncomfortable in her hind end somewhere. There is a tightness around her mouth that indicates possible discomfort too. She is quite straight in the angles of her hind legs and this can cause problems with popping stifles or perhaps the sacro-iliac or hock area. I am guessing stifles.

While reading your lovely blogs, I have often wondered why Sunny, who has a very sweet face and eye, would be so hard to gentle when your other horses are obviously so content. I have not really seen a pic of her where she didn't look at least mildly cheesed off. I don't think this is truly her nature.

What I do know of stifles, I know because my mare has a problem with hers due to an injury. She is broke to death, but for some reason if her stifle pops or sticks when I am near or riding, she thinks it is me who has done it and gets frightened or upset. It makes it very hard sometimes to give her positive learning experiences. I am just wondering if Sunny might be experiencing something similar, hence making it hard to gentle her. The sticking stifle can be really subtle, such as a leg getting left behind a little, or sticking into the ground a bit on a tight turn. cantering is the worst, and with really bad ones they sometimes have trouble getting up. Generally one side is worst, but both sides are affected. Perhaps her right stifle is the worst, considering how she has been so difficult on that side. This might be why I've noticed now, as most of your pics are from the left, not surprisingly!

Anyway, you can tell me to get lost if you like, but I just thought it was worth pointing it out. I really don't think Sunny's true nature is to be difficult. We all know how chronic pain can affect our moods!



Tracey said...

Peachy, it's interesting that you bring up discomfort. While I don't believe it's the root of Sunny's fear issue, I have wondered if she's feeling discomfort in the hind quarters. Until you pointed it out, I hadn't really paid much attention to the photo...she doesn't normally stand like that :)

Originally, I had people questioning her eye sight on the right, but that wasn't the problem either. Comparing Sunny to Jet really isn't fair to her, as Jet is completely abnormal, lol. Most wild horses fall somewhere in between the two.

But back to the discomfort; until she really gives to me, we're not going to know for sure just what's wrong, if anything. She didn't appear to be stiff in the stifle when we were doing her feet, but then again, she was pretty drugged up so hard to tell!

Rising Rainbow said...

We are working on a barn extension here as well. It is going to be our last. If I don't sell horses, I don't breed. That's supposed to be the rule, we'll see how long I stick to it. lol

After this first comment, I had to go back and look at the picture to see for myself. I, too, know from experience pain can influence trust with a horse. I hope you get it figured out, no matter what the problem is.

Rising Rainbow said...

I forgot to say I don't get RFD-TV but sure wish I did. We have cable and it's not available although I keep sending them requests. What service do you have so that you can get it??

I really don't like TV much but if I could watch all the horsey things that RFD has to offer, I'd be a happy camper.