Tuesday, August 7, 2007

A busy couple of weeks

Next week is our local county fair. Darling and I will have the sheep up there and be camping, so no horsing around. In fact, we've been pretty darn busy of late just getting prepared, so the horses have been a bit neglected.

I set up a few panels between the stalls, making a rather creatively shaped coral off from each stall. With the gate from the round pen panels that City Boy bought me a couple months ago, I can lead horses from one side to the other. What I can't do is get the wheel barrow back and forth because the ground is uneven and the gate is six inches off the ground on one side. Thankfully, Sunny poops pretty close to the gate, making it easy to scoop up and carry to the wheel barrow on the other side.

I know...just the sort of thing you wanted to come and read about, right? But what I was meaning to say is that I've now got three paddocks, one for each filly, so that they'll be safely confined while Darling and I are away. Not happy, but safe. They'd much rather be out in the pasture even though there's a severe lack of grass.

Sunny is becoming more and more comfortable of late, even so bold as to snatch a mouthful of hay as Darling was carrying a flake to Quiet Storm. She's still turning her hind quarters towards me some days, but can be caught without too much effort even in the pasture. She's far better when she's out there alone; if there's a buddy with her, she moves them in between us and hides. Smart girl!


photogchic said...

Have fun at the fair--pronto pup or corn dog? There is a difference, one is made with corn flour, one with regular flour. I go for one of each:-)

Rising Rainbow said...

Ooh, fair food for how long?? But I hope you have great fun!

Sounds like you're getting things all in order for the ponies. And I don't mind hearing about you scooping poop! I think it's normal. lol So what does that say for me.

EquineSpirit said...

Good luck at the fair! Hope you have a great time!!

Janey Loree said...

Hi! I was looking for your BLOG VILLAGE voting link!? I know that you are busy so I thought I would get your vote IN so that we don't loose this wonderful blog in the VILLAGE!!

That would have nothing to do with the fact that Mustangs are mentioned on this blog!!! LOL!