Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Every Now and Then...

...I take a peek at my blog stats. Blog stats are fun because you can see how many people visit your site on a daily basis, where they come from and how long they stay. It's not 100% accurate, of course, but it gives you a feel for whether or not your blog is being seen.

Around here, I get a whopping 20-50 readers a day; usually closer to the lower number. At Carpenter Creek, that number is just over 100 per day. Nothing compared to some blogs out there. Fun, just the same, to see.

This evening I was taking a look see at the stats for the Diaries here and noticed that one of the referring links was this one: Interesting, I thought; an EMM blog that I haven't seen before! Naturally, I had to click the link and check it out. Not many posts, but certainly gives you a feel for how quickly mustangs take to training.

I recently came across someone who stated they'd never met a trainable mustang, nor one that was good looking. They were pleasantly surprised by pictures of both Jet and Sunny, and seemed genuinely interested in knowing more about their trainability. You know me...think about turning the knob on the door and you'll have me barging right on in with my mustang love!

But back to the folks who came to visit...they haven't got a place to comment on their blog. I was so disappointed, as they even have a link here to the Diaries, and I wanted to thank them. So Zane and Holly, if you read this...Thank You for adding my blog to your links. And please, please enable comments to your blog so we can visit and tell you how wonderful we think you're doing. And be sure to know that I'll be sending folks who doubt a mustang to can be trained to see the quick progress of Algore (good golly, you crack me up with that name! And I really think you need to explain yourselves, lol!)


EquineSpirit said...

Thanks for posting the link to the mustang makeover blog! Of course I couldn't resist checking it out! Way cool! One more blog to check out on a near daily basis! Not like I really need to spend anymore time online but heck...what's one more blog to read...LOL! Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Who won? The show in FW was baletic.