Thursday, August 9, 2007

First Ride!

Jet makes a smooth turn while in the pasture.

Two firsts here today!

Although it was the second time swinging myself into the saddle on board Jet, today was the first time I asked her to move while I was up there. She wasn't so sure about the whole forward motion thing while I was up top instead of leading her, but she tried.

Actually, what she did was turn. Close enough to forward, right? I asked her to give her nose and her shoulders just followed. And man, oh man! What a smooth turn! Poll level with her withers, not raising her head up a bit, she just began crossing those front legs over and pivoting so smoothly that I was shocked nearly out of the saddle. I've ridden a number of broke horses who couldn't turn so well! No photos of the event; Darling was out in the woods somewhere and City Boy has been fired as my back up photographer :)

Eventually we managed a few steps forward. They were sandwiched in between left and right turns, but that was okay. She was calm and quiet and cautious; far preferable to jumpy and nervous. All in all, I was on board for about five minutes. Five wonderful, glorious minutes.

But those five minutes weren't alone in our firsts today. Sunny also had a first. I'd never figured I'd be the first one on her, given her small stature and my, er, not so small size. No, I figured her good friend, Tait, would be the first on board. As it turns out, Rufus was the one who sat in the saddle first. Yup! Cowpup Up!


Pony Tail Club said...

Yay for your first ride! Yay for Rufus too!

EquineSpirit said...

Yippie!! Congratulations! My horse and I had our first under saddle experience with forward movement this past Sunday. It was AWESOME!! He's the first horse I've ever trained so it's been quite the experience. Anyway, congrats again! Can't wait to read more!!

Rising Rainbow said...

What a great day! Glad that it all went so well. The pic of Rufus in the saddle is just way too cute!