Saturday, March 31, 2007

Sunny's Dilema

Sunny allows me to stand on her right!

The sun has been shining for a week now. It's been glorious! It's taken that long for the paddock to completely dry out, but Sunny and I were back at it a couple days ago. She's not to thrilled with the whole program and often stands looking longingly over the gate, no doubt wondering when she'll be turned loose again.

A couple days ago I couldn't get close to her. The sunshine has my girls feeling good. Sunny was in no mood to let me get close, trotting in wide circles around me. Okay, I can play this game, too! No food until you come take it from my hand. Hmmm....well, it appears Sunny wants food, so she came and snatched the hay from my hand, but with a bit of attitude!

Yesterday she again protested my wanting to get up close and personal. So while Quiet Storm was out in the pasture, I had Sunny trotting circles in the paddock. She wasn't enjoying our game too terribly much, and it wasn't long before she stopped and turned to face me. I had her go a few more circles each direction, always stopping when she turned to me. I didn't approach her, but walked away and left her after about 20 minutes. She sighed a relief behind me.

This afternoon I went outside to find her with the lead rope over her neck and the halter pushed ahead of one of her ears. She's been terribly itchy, trying to rub off her winter coat on any solid surface she can find. Seems her head was itchy, too! The halter must also have been uncomfortable, because she didn't give me much trouble catching her. This is quite the dilemma for Sunny; she loves being scratched but hates being touched. She turned away a couple of times, then stood as I reached down for the lead rope. I managed to get it over her neck, then talked to her and worked my way alongside of her neck, scratching down to her withers, then working my way up to her poll. She didn't even flinch when I pulled the top of the halter back into place over her ears.

After that, we worked a bit on leading, then I grabbed her rubber curry and began brushing that long, winter coat from her neck and shoulder. She really was enjoying my working along her spine, so I didn't stop; just kept moving back until I was behind her hip. That's when she suddenly realized just where my hand was and shot forward with a snort!

I went back to her 'sweet spot' again, getting her to relax. Then I worked a bit on her face. She really doesn't like having it touched, but tolerates it above her eyes. It took a while, but I managed to work my body over to where she could see it with her right eye. That's the side of her body she doesn't want me to stand on, so any time I can get her to look at me it's good. Today was very good, and I was able to brush her face from standing just a little off center!


Andrea said...

Wow! Excellent progress! Gotta love the better weather. Imagine what we can get done with our wild ones this summer. Fun stuff.

iz said...

You have been blogrolled! Ok I hope?