Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Can I ask You a Favor?

Would you do me a quick favor? Over there in that column to the right there are all sorts of little links. At the bottom are two links; one is Blog Village, the other is Top 100 Equestrian Sites. Would you mind clicking on those links for me? Blog Village brings up a totally new page; if you click the top button on that page, it registers as a vote for me. The Top 100 takes you directly to their site on this same window. I'd really appreciate your 'vote', as it may actually get my site where people can see it =)

Betty Jo, my program doesn't have the 'Merge' that the tutorial talked about, but I think I figured out how to get the same effect...sort of. Here's another shot of Steve and his rope.

As for the horses...well, as I mentioned previously, our weather has been very uncooperative here. Aside from general care, there's not much going on. Sunny continues to drag along her lead rope, although there were a couple of days where I got close enough to her head to switch the shorter lead with the long rope she used to drag around. The long one is easier to work her with. This also meant that I was able to shift the snap of her lead back to the center ring on her halter instead of it hanging (and pulling) off to one side.

But I do believe I'll wait for a bit of good weather before doing much more. The paddock just gets too worked up (and muddy.) In the meantime around here I'll probably just continue with a few photos now and then.

If you're up for a bit of daily reading about my life (sometimes amusing, sometimes pathetic) you can always visit my other blog at Today you'll get to read all about my Farm Girl Spa... Ohhhh, such a treat, lol!


Cat said...

Hi Tracey,
You have very beautiful blogs!
Great photos of horses!
Have a good day, Cat

smilnsigh said...

Hey Hon, I'd love to vote for you and I went to both places but..... I don't see howwwwwwwwwwwwww to vote for your blog. HELP!!!!


Betty Jo said...

I clicked and voted. Hope you get lots more traffic. Hey, I really like the effect you got with the Orton. That photo really looks super that way. It takes practice to get it just the way you want it, I try all sorts of things with it, until I'm satisfied with the results. I love playing with these effects, and PS.