Monday, March 12, 2007

Recent Photographs

The weather has been absolutely awful of late. Nothing but rain; everything is sloppy outside. So much so, that I've decided it's just not worth doing any real work with Sunny.

To fill the time void (and to give you something to give you something to look at) I've decided to start playing with photo shop. My head hurts! I've had this program for at least four years, but haven't ever had the courage to mess with it. Well, no time like the present, I suppose, to dive in!
Here's one of Steve about to rope Sunny. I kinda like the old timey look, how about you?
Here's one of Sunny, just prior to being roped. She'd slipped her halter, remember? I like the way this one turned out, and will probably turn it into note cards or something; but I still have a long way to go.

I love this particular shot of Quiet Storm, but not sure I like what I did with it, lol! She needs ground beneath her, at the very least, but at this point I'm just not that talented. Well, someday...right?

Thanks for stopping in! Hoping the weather in your part of the world is more spring like than mine (unless you're on the other side of the world, where it should be fall!)


rusty in miami said...

Great blog, I’ll make sure to pop in to see how Quiet Storm is doing

Naturegirl said...

Love these photos! It's grey skies today typical winter day! I do miss the sunshine of Florida but home is where my heart and 3 cats are as well natureboy! Thanks for following my trip with me by way of my blog
!hugs NG

Betty Jo said...

You're doing a super job with your photos and PS. I really love the one of Steve, that's a super look. The second one too is very good. The third could be termed abstract, with your flying horsey. Keep up the good work, can't wait to see what you come up with next. BTW, we're thinking in the same direction as far as note cards! Have you seen the blank cards at Photographer's Edge where you add your photos. I don't have the link right now, but you can just Google it. I love their cards and think I'll be using some of those to create mine. Your horse photos would look awesome with some of their designs.

Betty Jo said...

Just thought of something. One of my favorite PS effects is the Orton Effect. Here is a link where you can see how it is done:

Scroll down to the Digital Technique. I think this might be awesome with some of your horse photos.

Here are two of my photos where I applied the Orton effect:

Also this site has tons of super free PS actions. I use a lot of these:

Betty Jo said...

I meant to say the Orton would be awesome with some of your hosrse "and barn" photos.

Tracey said...

Rusty, thanks for stopping in!

NG...sorry you're back to dreary. But hey! You've got your memories of the sun, right? And they keep promising it will be spring again someday...or at least that's what the groundhog said.

Betty Jo, I just took a peek at those shots of yours...incredible! I'll be spending WAY too much time at the computer now (like I wasn't before!) You're such an enabler, lol!

H.Green said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. I thought I'd come by and see yours :)

Beautiful pictures and stories about the mustangs. Someday my husband and I would like to adopt one. I'm not sure when that would be but sometime in the future. Right now we have our hands full with the QH and draft horse we have now, lol.

I saw in the post about you playing with photoshop. Well, I'm not sure if you know about Virtual Photographer or not but you may want to check it out at It's a free download and works with photoshop. I LOVE it. It really creates some amazing effects with your images.

Take care,