Thursday, March 1, 2007

Quiet Storm is getting fat

Quiet Storm out in the pasture with the sheep.

Since she's been out with the sheep, Quiet Storm has begun to put on a few pounds. I typically leave hay in front of the sheep all day; they're picky little eaters, my sheep, and leave at least 20% of what I toss out there (too stemmy for their soft little mouths.) Quiet Storm not only eats along side them, but 'bats cleanup', eating anything left behind.

When Sunny first came home, the plan had been to divide the paddock for the two horses. With the lice load, however, I decided Quiet Storm could tough it out in the pasture and use the sheep shed for shelter. The sheep were then 'demoted' and put in the second pasture where they use the trees and a calf hutch. One of the ewes, however, is looking mighty close to lambing, and I need her to be where I can separate her from the flock when she does this...and she needs her shed for the newborn(s) to keep them safe and for them all to bond the first couple of days.

Which created a slight problem...Quiet Storm had to be moved over to the second pasture with the rest of the sheep. I'd have just stuck her back into the paddock alongside Sunny, lice and all, but the lead rope was a bit of an issue. I wouldn't be able to lead Quiet Storm through and have control of Sunny as we passed through gates.

Now, of course, the lead is back on and I think I'll just be extra vigilant in my war against lice. Cross your fingers and say a prayer that Quiet Storm doesn't pick it up, as she really needs to be apart from the sheep (and they really need to be apart from her!)

Sunny, along with Tait and Rocket, sporting her re-attached lead.

p.s. Did I mention it's snowing again here? is. Bleck.


Transylvanian horseman said...

Sharing pasture with sheep will also reduce the equine worm problem, which will help the horses make best use of their feed.

Tracey said...

Excellent observation! I do tend to rotate with the sheep, and in the summer they can share (since the get along so well.) But golly, if that little gal doesn't gain weight from just looking at a flake of hay, lol!

Naturegirl said...

Tracey I am in LoVE with your horse! I know when I return home and introduce natureboy to your site we'll be checkin in on Quiet Storm! We have friends that have a horse ranch in western Canada and LoVE going out to the barns and feeding the horses when we visit them!!They also have a donkey to keep the young ones company when they separate from know when it's time to train for what ever!hugs NG

Janey Loree said...

I am looking forward to pictures of the baby lamb!!! Thanks for stopping by Mustang 'n' Cowboys!