Friday, August 14, 2009

A Wish For Wings That Work

Darling, as you may have guessed, would like to fly. She would like to fly Air Sandy, but Sandy is not all that keen on going high. His mode of travel is more that of Pony Express, and only that if he's being chased by something life threatening. Let's face it, Sandy would prefer the life of a Banana Slug...slow and steady is his style.

Darling has done well to get Sandy over smallish jumps. We measured the vertical she'd set up the other day and found it to be 2', a very respectable jump, it would seem, and Sandy tucked himself up in flight mode in an effort to avoid slamming his big mustang feet into the rail. But despite the fact that he's figuring out how to sail through the air with the greatest of ease (he's demanded we purchase him a Super Sandy cape), it simply is not his calling.

Recently we met a woman named Michelle. Michelle adopted one of the yearlings from the YAY program, and when she learned Darling wanted to do the whole flying trapeze thing on horseback, she offered to help. So last night Darling and I drove out and she climbed on board a big white steed named Marty.

And Darling had fun.

Marty is a pretty steady Eddie kind of guy. Laid back, easy going but with a bit more juice than Sandy. He's got a bigger trot which makes posting a bit easier. He doesn't mind converting himself into a low flying aircraft. Darling spent the evening practicing her two point as Marty hopped over logs and low jumps.

The only mark against Marty is that he's not got that lovely mustang freezebrand we're so fond of. But Darling is willing to overlook that slight defect in the gelding in exchange for flying lessons.

*** My root canal went well. I was sore afterward, and it was difficult to chew for a couple of days, but it didn't seem to slow the food entering my mouth all too much!

Today Darling & I loaded up some panels and hauled them to the fair grounds. On Sunday we'll haul horses to the fair for gentling demonstrations. Are you in the Northwest? Come visit us at the Northwest WA Fair in Lynden. Denny, Emmie, Dakota and Sandy will all be there!


Breathe said...

I confess to have a fear of flying - go go Darling!!!

jane augenstein said...

Oh, years ago in a far off time I LOVED to jump my horse. I rode bareback and jumped over everything too, it was so much fun! the only flying I seem to be doing now it flying to the ground....not fun!
Darling looks good flying, you go girl!!!

PaintCrazy said...

I have a serious fear of flying too - just the horse kind - so bravo for Darling!! My Equestrian Girl loves to jump too but alas, her horse is even less of a jumper than Sandy and 12 inches is pushing his limit! You are lucky to have someone with a real jumper she can try out.

Val said...

Just in case you think you may ever want to sell Sandy, let me know :)

Tracey said...

hahahaha to Val! Sorry, chickie poo, that boy's gonna stay right here. City Boy showed up at the fair and told Darling he'd been offered $400 for Sandy and you should have seen the daggers thrown not only from her, but my niece who also adores him :>