Monday, August 10, 2009

Well, Wasn't That Sweet?

My friend Gena at CTG Ponies has given me an award! Wasn't that sweet of her? Of course, it requires me running about like a headless chicken trying to narrow my favorites down to seven blogs to pass this on to! Which is the unkind part of such as these!

But it's well worth it since I've been unable to upload photos from my camera here the past couple of days! Yes, that's right...I've got photos stacked upon digital photos inside that Nikon of mine, but can I get to them? Not a chance. And why is that? Because I'm a moron when it comes to this computer stuff. I used to just take the disk out and slip it into the spot on my computer that I was told to slip it into. And lo and behold, a new window popped up and I could find my photos.

However, that all changed when my old card stopped working, and I replaced it with a brand spanking new card. This new card refuses to be read by my computer, so there sit my pictures...of Dakota and Denny and Saturday night's bull riding! And here I sit, with nothing to show for all of my shutter bugging.

So thank you, Gena, for giving me this award so I have something pretty to post today!

Now here are seven blogs I love (which in no way means I do not love someone's blog that I may not have listed...)

First, my two riding buddies who love to hit the trails with us mustang girls, Pony Girl and Paint Girl.

Then there's Judy, who's horses eat watermelon...weird...but lovable.

Andrea's sister is going through chemo right now for breast cancer. She could surely use some love.

Then there's Gtyyup...aka Karen at Life at the Rough String who lives in a place I love.

A non-blog that I love anyway is Darling's You Tube Channel. I'm jealous of all she can do, aren't you?

And last, but certainly not least...I love the Mustang U blog! (Does that even count?)

Again, Gena, thank you for being so clever as to help me out today with something to blog about. You must be psychic!

Now, for all you who've wished my toothache well, I thought I'd let you know the root canal is tomorrow (Tues) afternoon. I'm trying a new technique called Mind Over Matter to help with the stress of fingers and drills inside my mouth. That and plenty of drugs...


Judy and Bob said...

Hey! Thank you from me and my weird melon loving boys for naming us as one of your faves. Good luck at the dentist tomorrow! My appointment is Wed but I'm not gonna go. I can't do that mind over matter stuff.

Tracey said...

Go, Judy! Go! It will only get worse (she says, speaking from extreme pain experience.) We can whine and moan and drool together if you do... :-)

Paint Girl said...

Thanks so much Tracey! You are so sweet!
Good luck at your dentist appt! Hopefully it will be quick and painless, but I have never had one of those done, so not sure what is required!

CTG Ponies said...

You're very welcome! You deserve it!

Pony Girl said...

Aw, thanks so much, Tracey! Paint Girl and I were just saying we need to get together for another ride before the summer is over!
Keep us posted on the apt. at the big scary dentist (oops, did I say that out loud? Sorry, I have anxiety! :) Let me know how the mind over matter works, I might need to try that method!

Tracey said...


Tracey said...

Oh! I did NOT say that! And tomorrow? Tomorrow I'll rat the little fink out who's been posting under my name...