Friday, August 7, 2009

When your tooth says...

..."Hey, you!"'s best to listen.

July was a hard month for me. It truly took it's toll, from the sore throat, to losing my voice, record breaking heat waves where the humidity was so thick I had to swim to the barn. And that same humidity has managed to help along a case of bronchitis (or at least that's what I call it), with a deep, wet, hacking cough from deep down in my lungs that I know, from past experience, will not leave me until I hit some dry weather.

You'd think things couldn't get any worse, wouldn't you?

Enter August, and an explosion of pain in my mouth. Oops...was I supposed to go back and have that root canal finished?

Surely one cannot blame me. I was feeling no pain. No Pain! And then they said to me, "You need a root canal!" So off I trotted way back in February (or was it early March?) to the root canal dentist, who could not for the life of him make me numb. Oh, felt good and numb to start. My tongue was fat and my lips were blubber, but start up that drill and all bets were off. More novocaine, my nose felt fat, and again the drill brought me to attention. Another needle, my eyes felt puffy, I could barely stay awake...but then that pain shot through my body once again. My heart was racing and I said thank you, but I think I'll be leaving now. They took my blood pressure and it was through the roof. They made me stay in a horizontal position for a few minutes on that chair before slowly bringing me upright, then off to the ER they whisked me.

Oh, I was fine. Nerves, they told me at the hospital. Yeah...well, that was difficult to diagnose, I'm sure.

But I didn't go back. I was feeling no pain on my own, and I had the Mustang Makeover coming up...why put myself through dental hell right before leaving? I didn't have time for this sort of thing until after returning.

Hmmm...okay, so a long time after returning. Maybe after the fair in August?

Nope. The old nerve has decided to wake up and and slam into my mouth like a freight train. I was climbing the walls in pain Monday night, and at the dentist first thing Tuesday morning. Drugs, drugs and more drugs...trying to get the inflammation settled down and the pain to subside. The pain killers seem to bring on a bit of throbbing before they work, though, so I've been sticking to my ibuprofen along with the amoxicillin. I still feel pain, but not as much as before.

But if you've been wondering why the lack of posting the past few weeks, now you know. Sitting here at the computer is no where near as comforting as crying under my blankets. The only reason I'm here right now is because my pillow was getting wet. I haven't got time to be sick or have dental issues! I've got horses to train and a fair to attend in another week! Not to mention Darling & I were supposed to be on our big trail ride (which had been in planning for a year now) in Oregon this weekend. Oh well...guess God has other plans.

Speaking of Darling...look at what she's done to my little western pony! Those fantastic roll backs, hard stops and hydra bull chasing days seem to be over as she's changing him into a...a...oh, I can just hardly stand to say it...a jumping pony!


Pony Girl said...

Sorry to hear you are in so much pain, Tracey! I can't imagine, I've never had a root canal, but I would freak. I have to have some wisdom teeth pulled here soon and I've been putting it off for years because of my fear!
I loved the video! Does Darling film herself, or do you film it and she puts it together? You must have a great editing program! It's very professional!
Feel better soon!

Jeanette said...

I hope you feel better real quick!!!
Darling is teaching Sandy to be a jumping pony TOO (as in ALSO). A horse can never learn too many skills!!!

PaintCrazy said...

So sorry about the tooth and the pain...not fun. My doctor tells me I have an incredibly high pain tolerance but tooth pain brings me to my knees.

Loved the video! Very professional and well done. Had to laugh at the jumping though - my Equestrian Girl keeps trying to jump our horse too though Darling seems to be having much more success!

Rebekah said...

Beautiful video! So sorry to hear about your dental issues, I know that is absolutely NO FUN!!!

By the way, I said hello to my Uncle Joe for you while I was in Texas two weeks ago, he remembered you! I bring his greetings back! :)

Katee said...

I've been living with a cavity for about 3 months. Keep putting a visit to the dentist off. Seems like a good plan...ok, maybe not!

Hope they are able to fix you up good and do it soon. It's no fun being in pain.

Darling and Sandy look great!

CTG Ponies said...

I hope you are feeling better soon.

I've passed on the I Love this Blog award to you! Please stop by to pick it up!