Friday, June 6, 2008

Thursday at Expo

No time to upload pics last night, sorry! Sandy started out well once again, although he's obviously got his energy buried in there somewhere. We lunged in the morning, then I climbed on to ride. It's unfortunate that there are so many who haven't got their horses under control and are racing around with little regard to others...and I'm not talking just the mustang folks. We're now riding with all the open show folks as well, which makes the arena busy for an insecure bloke like Sandy. Still, he maintained and rather than do a lot of riding I did a few circles and then stood in the center and talked to another trainer while the chaos ensued around us.

Later in the afternoon I went out again. There were only a couple of well behaved horses out there and I wanted to take advantage of that quiet moment. No sooner had I gotten out there than two buggies pulled in. Sandy glanced but didn't care. I was so proud of him! We continued to lunge until they left, then I climbed up. Which is when it entered the arena. A little pinto pony and a tiny cart. Sandy's head shot straight up and his ears swiveled around. He was on high alert, and I stepped quickly back to the ground.

They stayed at the other end of the arena, thankfully, but Sandy couldn't pull it together enough to lunge a full circle around me so captivated was he by the strange spotted pony. The driver was sending the pony in tight circles at breakneck speed and I felt it best we leave before anything stupid happened. But it was too late for that. The driver turned her cart too tight and it flipped over, trapping her beneath it and the pony dragging it along in a panic. Thankfully she had someone standing not far and he managed to grab the reins or something and got the pony under control before it made it the 100 feet to where Sandy and I were standing in shock.

Needless to say, my boy hadn't needed to witness that in the arena we're to ride in on Saturday, but after leaving and heading to the smaller, in hand competition arena, he got his mind back into the game and began listening. (The driver, by the way, wasn't hurt and got back in to drive circles once more as we were leaving.)

The walk through of the in hand competition starts in90 minutes, so I'm heading over right now. I'm so thankful we've drawn one of the first spots so we don't have to sit on show nerves all morning!

Stay tuned for more news from Sacramento's Western States Mustang Challenge, y'all!

Please say your prayers for Sandy! Ask God to find him the perfect new home so that I don't need to worry about him :)


Pony Girl said...

Goodness, what an exciting day! I could just invision that pony and cart whizzing around. Why was she doing such small circles anyway? It sounds like Sandy is taking in all these going-ons rather calmly.
Can't wait to hear how the in-hand goes. I agree with the drawing early....waiting is tough on the nerves sometimes.

Jessie said...

Tracey! I am glad to hear Sandy is doing well with the crazy atmosphere. That time spent at Ride the West was well worth it, huh?

I am waiting up for an update as long as I can!!! I can't wait to hear about the In hand course.

Molly said...

We are all thinking of you today. Sandy will be the #1 smart boy. You have made him so confident.
The very best of luck!

Tracey said...

Running out of time here...just quickly letting you know he didn't do so well in hand; refused to trot so score dropped. Later he showed signs of lameness. Will be searching for the vet this morning.