Sunday, June 1, 2008

Another Day of Firsts

Should a person really be waiting until the last minute to try new things? Today was my last day with Sandy at home. We rode this morning without any warm up lunging, nor did Curt hang onto him when I climbed up and rode. No time like the day before we leave to figure out if he's broke, eh?

Not only that, but we went outside this afternoon to ride in the outdoor arena for the first time as well! Crazy. But despite my sometimes wishing we'd been moving along faster these past few weeks, today was a perfect example of laying a good foundation. Every day I've ridden up until now, Sandy has been lunged before I climb on, and then Curt has lunged him more while I've been mounted. He knows the routine and although he questioned Curt stepping away from him, he went straight to work, a little fresh but still listening.

Thanks to each of you for all the kind words of encouragement, the well wishes, and of course for joining the Hay Burners Club! You're too wonderful for words and I couldn't have taken this journey without your support. Y'all are the BEST!

A few questions folks have been asking me, via email or forums or here:

When are you leaving? 4 am Monday morning. I'm probably on the road while you're reading this. We plan to pick Sandy up and have him loaded by 5, then head down to the Medford area to spend the night.

How much do you think he'll sell for? Lots, I hope, because I earn a 20% commission! The average, if I heard right, has been just a few dollars under $1900 at the past two events.

Any chance you'll bring him home? Unless he's not being bid on, but I see that as unlikely. I've managed to get my heart to switch gears and am focusing on getting Jet and Firecracker going this summer. Plus, Darling and I will have two horses through the incentive program that we'll be gentling and then adopting out at the fair in August. So despite the fact that I'll be shedding enough tears to float the Ark, I'm trying to stay focused on what God has placed before me to occupy my mind and body. (Don't stop praying, though!)

Did you ever get to work the bull? No. Bummer, eh? Thats the hardest part about letting him go! I wanna see him learn to move cattle and do some cutting. He needs to teach some of these folks up here what a mustang can really do!

When is the competition, exactly? Conditioning and In Hand are judged on Friday. The riding portion will be Saturday, with the top ten doing the freestyle that afternoon and the adoption taking place Saturday night.

Okay. It's late and I really need to head off to slumber land. Laptop, camera, battery chargers...all are packed and ready to head to Cal Expo with us! Darling will be behind the lens for a good share of the week and we'll do our best to keep you informed as things develop!

Please say your prayers for Sandy! Ask God to find him the perfect new home so that I don't need to worry about him :)


Shirley said...

Good luck in the competition and hope Sandy finds the perfect home!

Rising Rainbow said...

I wish you Godspeed. What a journey you are on. Will be thinking of you this whole week.

Callie said...

Good luck, girl, and obviously you've layed a good foundation for Sandy. He's a good boy!

Kathy C said...

Aw, you're already there by now, or darn near to it. Maybe, you'll get this in time...GOOD LUCK! What an awesome experience this has been not only for you but for all of us as well.

Pony Girl said...

What an exciting week this will be. Can't wait to hear and see how it all plays out. You and Sandy will do fabulous, you are well prepared!!
Be sure to get back to us this weekend and let us know how it went!