Saturday, May 11, 2013


My muscles were tight, and I was pretty sure they were simply trying to prevent my movement so that I didn't injure whatever was hurt.  That's what the body does...protects itself like that.  After being transported from bed to bed to bed, visiting the MRI and CT Scanner, the ER Doc finally arrived with the news.

"No head injuries.  Shoulder is a 2nd degree separation.  Need to see an orthopedic specialist...or your about four days.  In the meantime, here's a sling for your arm to help support the shoulder."

I played the fall over and over in my head.  Darling had said it looked like he'd jumped over top of me.  That may explain the big bruise on my shin...perhaps his hoof clipped it?  There's a scrape under my chin...stirrup?  Speculation....thoughts you think when you're unable to move and get on with your life.  

The faces of my children had unnerved me.  To see me laying there in a heap, unable to get up...can't be good.  Before the medics even arrived I promised City Boy, no more colt starting.  I'd never not been able to stand up before.  Even when I broke 4 ribs a couple years ago.  Yeah, it hurt like nobodies business, but I got up.  This time, there was no moving on my own due to the muscles that locked up.

On Thursday I trotted off to the doctor, driven by Darling, who asked if this is what it was like for me before she got her license?  Yes, Darling...quite!  Verdict on this morning was that I'd also broken a rib (I kinda wondered) and the separation was more likely a 3 than 2.  Oh...maybe some rotator cuff damage?  Jolly.

So more appointments.  I set one up for an ultrasound next week.  Waiting to hear back from the orthopedic specialist.  And physical therapy...she wants me to do it and I know I'll say no thank you.  Just tell me how much I can lift for now, and if there's a direction not to move my shoulder.  I'm pretty good at getting myself moving through the pain on my own without those terrorists of therapy, thank you!

I'd hoped to get some interest in Oz during next weekend's trail challenge.  Created a flyer and priced him reasonably, but not giveaway.  I'm now grounded...can't ride.  And how does one sell a horse who just threw them?  I dropped the price significantly, put up a couple ads online and had him sold in 24 hours.  I greeted them with my sling, told them what happened.  Told them he was young and did a young horse thing.  They weren't as experienced as I'd hoped, but they brought along the barn owner, an eventer, who told them she'd have preferred to see them with something a bit more solid in training, but she was really impressed with this horse.  She told them to expect to need some help from a professional trainer.  I may have turned them down if they'd not brought her along, but felt good in knowing I'd done my best to inform them fully of what had happened, and knew the barn owner would help guide them.

Leslie had commented that she'd not noticed me in a helmet in any of my photos.  And I will admit I've become lax abut it!  But yes, there was a time when I always did.  Probably should get back to it.  And yes.  I know.  I'm damned lucky to be alive.


falconfeathers said...

Yikes-sorry about your injury.
The older we get-the harder we fall and the harder it is to get back up.

I just spent time getting x-rayed from my falls last weekend-no breaks, but I am so sore in my left hip that it hurts to move my right hip to the brake pedal of my car.

Another fellow blogger also got dumped by her 17 y/o horse...I am beginning to wonder

And when we have to think about who and what we are responsible is even scarier.

But life is a risk, driving the highway to work is a risk...might as well have fun!

Take care, let yourself heal.

Justaplainsam said...

I'm so glad you were not seriously hurt. Take care of your self!

Lea and her Mustangs said...

Sorry I was giving you a bad time. I know its a miracle I have not got hurt on Sage. A 75 year old great granny should not be riding colts either but i am, atleast that one. Do take care and what about the helmet? You were always so faithful about wearing one. You need to my friend, I want to keep you. I don't get on anything (even Pepper) with out a helmet. By the way, he tried to buck Nikki off a couple weeks ago. He didn't but he wanted to. Take care of yourself and let that body heal. I did not realize you were hurt that badly or I would not have teased you.

Leslie Ross said...

Oof, glad you're not seriously injured! Good luck with the shoulder rehabilitation - I hear ya on ignoring the physical therapy. Working with horses is its own physical therapy, right? :)

froglander said...

So what all ponies does this leave you with?

Snipe said...

I'm so, so sorry to hear that you got hurt and won't be starting colts anymore. It was always fun to see your latest project.