Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Weaning Time

Typically, I'd like to wait until a foal is 6-8 months before weaning.  I mean...in the wild, they'd never wean earlier than a year, and even then babies are with their dam for 1-2 years.  But in case of Impulse and Grace, an early weaning at the age of 4 months simply had to take place.  For you see, the past month has seen Impulse dropping weight off her already slight frame, to the point of me becoming quite concerned.  Her teeth most definitely need to be looked at, but of course while nursing there is no point, as we cannot drug her to do any work.

Luckily, Grace has a decidedly independent streak, and at roughly 4 months of age she began loitering with Auntie Tika, Maxine, or simply hanging out alone in the barn rather than sticking close to her mother's side.  And with that, Impulse was loaded up and hauled down to the Cowboy's where she can eat her own feed without a little monster there to steal it away.

Onlookers would never know that Grace did not belong to Tika.  Being the good, maternal mare that she is, Tika allows little Grace to stand alongside, eat out of the same pile of hay, and happily swishes flies from the wee one's face just like her mother did.  

Darling had fun antagonizing the little stinker this afternoon.  

While Spud and Tika stood out in the sunshine grazing, little Grace found a nice, cool spot in the shade where she hid from spying eyes and camera lenses.  You can't see her, can you?  She didn't think so...

Grace obviously went unscathed by her mother's disappearance, and Impulse?  Well, she's not seeming to mind, either.  She's now able to eat as much as I put in front of her without the little monster gobbling it all up.  Hopefully we can get her teeth done soon, and some real weight put back on her body.  She's been a good momma, giving it all to little Grace!


Shirley said...

Grace looks like she's quite the little character. I've been thinking about weaning Nitro soon, he's about 4 and a half months old now and I want to put the mares on a pasture not suited for babies.

Cindy Durham said...

Lovely Pics!

Paint Girl said...

Grace is sure growing up and is as cute as ever!!