Thursday, August 30, 2012

Just Darling

Darling has a photography page on facebook.  Best if you head over there and 'like' it!

Did I tell you she graduated from high school?  She did.  And with blond hair, too.  And pink.  Mustn't forget the pink bits.  Pink bits are important, you know?

So what are Darling's plans?  Those appear to change on a month to month basis, but what appears to surface more frequently now is a career as a professional photographer.  And, looking at that photo way up at the top, I'm sure you'll agree that the kid has some talent!  

 Of course....she could still become a horse trainer!  We've spent a great deal of time down at the Cowboy's this summer, where she's riding Max and her little bay love affair of a horse, Doxee.  In addition to those two, Darling has picked up a big gray gelding that was in need of some consistent riding.  It's been a couple of years since Darling's 'wings' have flown, but with this boy, she's once again in flight, and loving it!

This gelding is for sale, so if you know of someone who likes a light, responsive horse in need of a job, let me know.  He's a registered appy, but half arab.  We think he'd make a super endurance horse, too!  

Darling spent the evening debating if she should try to work out a way to hang onto him for herself, but finally decided to go back to her roots when searching for the right set of wings.  We just spent the past hour dreaming and perusing photos from our most recent adventure down at the wild horse corrals, wondering just who would make the perfect flying partner?  Darling, it seems, is still not afraid to ride the brand!


Cheyenne said...

Good for her! It ain`t easy deciding on a future!

Blob said...

let me help you pick a jumper :)

Ranch Girl Diaries said...

She is so talented, she will succeed at whatever she does! I want her to photograph my wedding! ;-)
Oh and I like that little roan on the left!! ;-)

Tracey said...

Cheyenne, I still haven't decided on MY future, lol!

Blob...of course!

Wild Ranch Girl (see, new name) she would LOVE to photograph your wedding!!! And of course you like the little roan :)

Paint Girl said...

Darling is a very talented girl... I am sure she will succeed at whatever career path she chooses!
And another Mustang in your near future? Cool!

Shirley said...

When I saw the first photo the first thing I thought is that she should be a professional photographer. No reason she can't do that and be a horse trainer too. She has a bright future.

simplymarvelous said...

Wonderful photos! Such talent.

Snipe said...

Where were those photos taken? It would be really interesting to visit the corrals.

Daisy mom said...

I always check out the horses on the BLM internet adoption site. Even though I can't adopt now, I have hopes to be able to one day. Anyway, I spotted one of the most beautiful mares the other day. I could not believe when I noticed that nobody had bid on her yet! There is only 2 days left, and I'm concerned for her if she doesn't get adopted. Please check her out, if you know anybody interested, help save this gorgeous girl! Her hang tag number is 6450. Wish so badly that I could have her:(