Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Senior





The ribs kept me from taking too many, and the light was strong in the middle of the day. But the few we got turned out well, I think. Will do some more later today...and maybe even get her with a horse!


Shirley said...

Awww, you must be pretty proud of your lovely daughter.
Indeed, a photo with a horse- and one of her vintage dresses!

kbryan said...

Lovely photos of a beautiful daughter. May I offer just one critique please - only because I have told my own daughter the exact same thing - too much eyeliner. The beauty of her eyes is lessened by the heavy dark lines. Please forgive me if that was totally tacky. And I did finally convince my own daughter to wear less eyeliner after some before and after photos. Honestly though, your daughter is so pretty, she could wear mud on her face and still be beautiful. Can't wait to see the other photos! Take care of your ribs.

Michelle said...

WOW, I just realized we have truly watched her grow. Beautiful!

Becky said...

Michelle - I feel the same way. I think I still think of her as barely 13 or 14, which is when I started reading this blog.

Becky said...

And from a photography standpoint I am frustrated that Tika isn't broke to ride. I think Tika/Darling would crazy-great photograph... Darling draped belly down and backwards over Tika's rump, arm dangling lazily over the side... Tika staring into the camera with her smoldering eyes....

Forget Darling. *I* want to be in that photograph.

Of course, if Tika were staring into the camera with her smoldering eyes, the next scene would be of her bolting out from underneath me, but still. It'd be a pretty picture.

Well, not as pretty as it would be with Darling - nobody wants to see a fat mother of two laying belly-down on a horse. Instead of thinking "How wistful! How reminiscent of that wonderful moment between girl and woman!" people would probably think "Hmm. Is she okay? Is she stuck? How'd she scramble up there, anyways?"

Maybe we'd better put Darling back in the imaginary photograph after all.