Saturday, September 24, 2011

Goober's New Bit


^^ This is a Goober. ^^

It's been over a month since my less than graceful, acrobatic dismount to club dirt. Last week I began riding Kitty, just a couple of days, nice easy rides. This week, we picked up the slack a bit and worked the bull a few times. The back was certainly tired, but the real pain is in lifting and turning. You know...the motion you go through when cleaning a stall? So when a friend offers to help, I certainly do not turn them down, and send them straight to work, lifting and turning, while I do the more tedious job of saddling and riding...

It is too more tedious!

Anyway, prior to the fair I'd purchased a new Myler bit for Steve Holt!. I don't like the way he's been pulling through the snaffle and really ought to have changed it out some time back. Finally, yesterday, with the back feeling more capable of climbing on and riding, I got that new bit onto a headstall and climbed on the goober boy.


It was against my better judgment to ride while I was alone. But since when has better judgment come to visit when it ought to? Lucky for me, nothing bad happened, but I bet you started to wonder if I visited Club Dirt again, eh?

At first, Steve Holt! thought the bit felt funny. Actually, he wasn't too impressed for the entire ten minutes I was on him. But hey, I was! He didn't like the added pressure on his tongue, and that head that's always struggled to stay down where it needs to be? Dropped down. And it stayed down, loose rein. Well, sorta loose. Goober pony loose. No fighting or arguing, just put it down while jogging around the pen in an as close as he's ever gotten pleasure horse frame.


And that's the story of Goober Boy's (aka Steve Holt!'s) new bit.

Sorry. All I got. Nothin' more!


Shirley said...

Hmm, new career in Western Pleasure coming up? He looks less tan impressed in that first photo. Good to hear that you've healed up enough to ride.

Crystal said...

hmm pretty brave to get on and try new bit all alone! |Goober by! i like it

Unknown said...

Hmm that might be what we need. Which myler did you use?

Unknown said...

I just switched my headstrong girl from the snaffle to a Myler Level 2 long shank bit (yours looks like a short shank) and had the same response. Less battle of the wills and alot more least for me.