Saturday, December 18, 2010

Why do I Like Horses?


Why do I like horses? I think I must be mad.

My mother wasn't horsey - And neither was my dad.

But the madness hit me early - and it hit me like a curse.

And I've never gotten better. In fact I've gotten worse.



Linda said...

GREAT!~! Sounds like a country song--you need to put it to music, cowgirl!

Crystal said...

How cute, I am the same, and I think my mom thinks I am crazy with all my ponies.

Allison at Novice Life said...

Love it! I have 4 horses (which, too horse people doesn't sound like a lot!) but when my mom said that outloud the other night, it hit her like a brick wall. "YOU HAVE FOURRRRRRRRRR HORSES; I never looked at it THAT way" ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm that way too, and my daughters (even though they did have a horsey mom) are very much horsey too!

Mrs Mom said...


Know the feeling well ;) I got bit by the same bug, much to my parents dismay... and it has steadily intensified over the years. No hope for us!! MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAA

Judy said...

It hit me when I was 47 years old...although I had never been around them ever in my life until I moved to Tenn. They drew me in like a magnet! Long...long story short, I met a man with 5 horses who was a breeder and trainer of thoroughbreds, I learned slowly through him, the mares had foals and I fell even more in love. I ended up caring for his horses as he got sick and eventually died. Months later the horses went to his partner in another state and I was left has been 2 years and I miss them terribly.

Chloe said...

cool poem cool blog. check out mine

its about my journey with my wildhorses.

Breathe said...

I'm a lone horse crazy girl too - until I found out my grandmother loves them too! She never got to enjoy the the way I have, so I try to talk to her about them every chance I get.