Thursday, December 16, 2010


Today I did something I've been begging to do for a long time. I hauled Tika down to Curt's so I could work her in the round pen, and hopefully, finally, climb onto her back. It's not that she hadn't been there, or that I couldn't simply haul her down, but I've been wanting to leave her there long enough for her to settle in and get comfortable before climbing on, and the cost of hauling down daily is simply out of my budget.

Yesterday, though, as I whimpered and moaned about how difficult it's been to work with Lefty, the old horse trainer began to soften. And before leaving his house, I told him I was heading home to ride my mare. "Ride her where?" he demanded. "I the round pen at home, in the rai~," "Oh, just bring the !%^@# @%#@ mare down here so you don't go getting hurt!"

That was followed by some more mumbling as he bent over to pull on his boots. "Catch me at a weak moment..." and some more sputtering and growling spewed from his lips.

What's a girl to do when the old cowboy gets like this? Plant a big smile on her face, give him a hug and tell him thank you, of course! And then run like heck to her vehicle and make a quick getaway before he changes his mind. That's what!


Someday, I'm sure there will be leather attached and this will transform itself into a beautiful cutting saddle. But for now? It's a work of art that was begging to be photographed.


Dom said...

Beautiful saddle photos. Huzzah about catching the cowboy in a good mood. Hehe.

Rising Rainbow said...

Leather would be good. I was thinking it was a bit naked.

Boy what I wouldn't give for a bplace inside to ride. YOu are one lucky cookie!

Crystal said...

congrats on getting a place to ride Tika! That saddle loos pretty cool all shadowed like that too.

Leah Fry said...

Gotta love them rough ole cowboys ;-)