Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sauk Mountain

The realtor sent me a listing the other day for a piece of property..."Upriver", he said, "where property becomes stupid cheap." Mind you, City Boy would never go for stupid as it's too far a drive, but Darling and I couldn't help ourselves. Curiosity got the better of us when we read the price...less than $50,000 for 27 acres of river front property!

So we got into the truck and we drove. And we drove. And we drove. And then we drove some more. And sure enough, as the mountain road climbed hyer, we dun felt stoopider.

We drove past that there silo out in a field at the base of a mountain.

We drove 'round this mountin top what with th' snow up thar.

We drove o'er the top of this here riv'r.

Well, shoot, sure we used the bridj.
We ain't so stoopid's to drah'v the truck thru the riv'r!

Darlin' twern't to keen on th' bridj. Had holes in it, she sed.

Big uns. Sed we otter drah'v back thru the water.

We kipt drah'v'n an me, I was gittin' light headed.
The instukshins said to go to mih'l 15. Shur seems like a long drah'v.

We fahnahly made it. Sure wuz a perty site t'see. Lookie that there river! Ah betcha could catch a whole messa fish in thar. Whata perty place. Darlin' and I wuz thinkin' this wuz lookin' perty good. Why was the price so low?

Then we looked at the other side of the road...where most of the property sat. And this is what we saw:

Creepy, crazy trees!

With the funkiest moss we've ever seen! What the heck...are we in some sort of horror movie out here? Where's that banjo music coming from, anyway?

Then we looked to the top of another tree and spotted this killer spider's web. Look at the size of this thing! I do NOT want to meet the spider who made that! Darlin', let's get outta here!

No wonder that property was so cheap. It was enough to scare the stupid right out of us. We jumped into the truck before the killer spider spotted us, or before we became entangled in long tendrils of moss and trucked ourselves right back down that hill. And yes, we used the bridge. We realized on our way back down that we did not have an off road vehicle suited for crossing a river...especially the high bank variety!

I tell you, that was as close a brush with stupid as I ever want to experience. No upriver for me, folks. Besides, they probably don't even have internet up there. How would I ever survive?


PaintCrazy said...

We've done that so many times...driven out to nowhere for what looked to be an awesome deal and then were sadly disappointed. Bummer. It was a pretty view of the river...

strivingforsavvy said...

Funny! Thanks for sharing your adventure.

Breathe said...

Boy, glad you escaped!

Sure is purty.

Groomer Angie said...

thanks for the laughs today! that was just what I needed! :)

Shirley said...

**Giggle** Too funny! But that's no spider web, that is a tent caterpillar cocoon. They are even worse'n them thar spiders; they'all drop down the backa yer neck when ya walk under'n tree!

juliette said...

It certainly was scenic if nothing else!!! Definitely banjo territory though. I think the moss was the Spanish Moss that grows in Florida!

Tracey said...

No...a caterpillar? Really? Well, if it's caterpillars and not spiders, I may need to go back up there! Stoopid ain't so bad if'n spiders ain't involved :)

Francis Bell said...

WOW-love your site,I really enjoyed the pictures!!! Thanks for brightening my day-Francis

Groomer Angie said...

I couldn't find your email on your profile so I'll put it here. You can make that potato soup in the oven as well. Combine everything in baking dish, bake @ 350 for 1 hour, check after 45 mins. If browning on top cover for remaining time. you can email me if you have any other questions k9hairstyles {at}

City Boy said...

So when do we move?

Tracey said...

Thanks, Groomer Angie!

What's this, City Boy? You're okay with stoopid? I'll pack and meet you there.

Linda said...

That's a great adventure--got my smiles for the day. I HATE spiders and that looks big enough to catch a bird!

Oh, just read the comments, it's a caterpillar. How weird is that?!?

But way too much of a drive anyway, don't you think?

Rebekah said...

Oh how beautiful! Frankly, I really doubt the moss and spider web would've scared me off, but I can understand your worry. That moss does look a little creepy...