Thursday, October 22, 2009

I hit the 100,000 visitor mark!

I'd better set up some golden arches or something...

Or perhaps we'll just talk about the golden boy instead, eh?

Look, they've got me in jail!

Apple Pony wasn't too certain he wanted to get back into the horse trailer after his long ride here last month, but a bit of grain in a big red scoop placed strategically in front of his nose did the trick. We spent a few days climbing in and out without doing much of anything else. Then I decided it was time to let him stand tied...and he disagreed.

Apple Pony is just too big to have a disagreement with, especially when you're inside a horse trailer together. Thankfully, he's not a full blown panic sort of chap, and he backs out of a horse trailer rather than taking you out with his head as he spins towards an exit. So our disagreement didn't end tragically, but it did end with him winning, and that's not something I'm fond of.

Thinking cap in place, I hung a hay bag inside the trailer a few days later and once again began coaxing the boy inside with me. At first he wasn't sure, and would back out almost immediately, but before long he was comfortable and stood patiently munching alfalfa while I quickly tied him, shut the divider, and grabbed my camera for the photo. As you can see, he had no qualms. The doors shut and into the cab of the truck I slipped, and we were off.

Off? Off to where? Just a quick trip around the block. And the golden boy's face when we climbed out in the same place we'd taken off from held a very puzzled expression. Certainly not what he'd expected, but it's what he got. You see, before I begin hauling him to arenas next week, I want to know I can get him back into the trailer after a ride, so short and sweet trips with no expectations are in order beforehand.

Naturally, Apple Pony expected to be rewarded for a job well done.

Apple Pony is officially for sale. We'll get some video of him next week traveling under saddle so you can see how he moves. Being that I'm not a dressage person, or have many contacts in that field, you may need to help me with determining a decent price for this boy. His personality is priceless, and he smells like popcorn if that helps at all.


froglander said...

I hope you are able to find Apple Pony a good home! He seems like such a character :)

Shirley said...

Good job on the trailer training. Love the last picture; and sure hope he goes to the right home.

mrscravitz said...

Apple Pony is adorable!

cdncowgirl said...

Smells like popcorn??? :)

Our appy was a nightmare to trailer. Of course when we bought him he loaded fine, it was after that the issues started. What finally worked was opening the front trailer window and NOT tieing him. With that front window open he walks right in, I shut the divider then walk around and close his window.
The not tieing is because when you open the divider to unload he will unload himself, VERY quickly, if he's tied. Untied he turns around and calmly walks to the end of the trailer, looks around and hops out. Claustrophobic maybe? lol

Linda said...

Apple Pony is beautiful--I'm sure someone will buy him. Looking forward to the video.

Angie @ Free Rein said...

You gotta love a pony that smells like popcorn! We have dogs with feet that smell like Fritos.

Hope he finds a good home before winter.

Paint Girl said...

I am sure you will find Apple Pony a wonderful home!! Hey, didn't Darling fall in love with him?

Laureli Illoura said...

Oh I just want to thank you so much for posting your training efforts and outcomes!
A great big cyber hug to you for your experiences that are helping me to overcome my own trepidations in re-training an older horse... (9 yrs.old & on pasture for the last 4 years after knee surgery - and only "broke to the saddle" and used for packing). I'm a greenhorn myself, and almost 50 to boot, but this challenge is the first thing I've done for myself since mom-hood. Everyone has their special Parelli or John Lyons videos to share with me, but it's these nuts and bolts issues like being head-shy or stubborn or spooky, or refusing to be bridled that no one covers.
Of course I intuitively know some of the techniques you've had success with but I've lacked the confidence, doubting myself at so many turns- so your sharing has been enlightening and beneficial to 100,000 and ONE.
Thank you so much for the time you take in your efforts to share, and for your wonderful warm sense of humor. I wish we lived closer, and I wish I could repay you!
If you have time and care to see my fine gelding, he's in a folder named "Cherihuka" on my photos only site: