Thursday, July 2, 2009

More Trip...and How Does She Do That?!

All right, first thing I'm going to do is apologize to you RIGHT NOW for this super photo intense post! If you've got dial up, you'll be here all day. But hey, this was a four day journey for Darling and I, so what's one day when waiting at your computer for the photos to load?

It was evening in the Spokane Valley when we arrived, and Lea said it was time to bring the horses off the pasture. So out she went with Darling and I trotting along behind. And not trotting in the sense that we were on horseback and off to some great round up. No, Lea hopped onto her four wheeler and Darling and I were trotting (and huffing and puffing) on our own two feet in an effort to get out there with her.

The horses know the routine, and did their best to avoid capture. But Lea is pretty good on her motorized pony and before long the stubborn beasts were heading towards the gate.

Which is where Raven promptly dropped her head to the ground to snatch one last morsel of green grass, causing a pile up behind. Miss Raven needs brake lights, me thinks.

Lea shares a special moment with Ditto, her paint mare.
The two were quite the team back in their show days.

Hey! That's not a horse. City Boy, I want some of these.
Maybe for my birthday?

Hey, Mom! I want one of these for my birthday!

Darling! What are you doing hijacking my blog?

No, I did not photoshop that hair. Darling had a cut and color job done before we left. It took a long time. I fell asleep in the chair at the salon waiting. Gee, I hope I didn't snore!

Something I miss seeing here in my little valley are sunsets. And sunrises, for that matter. We've got a hill to the west and a hill to the east, so the sun is high in the sky before we ever see it. At Bob and Lea's, though, the world appears flat and the setting sun creates wonderful colors in the sky.

Coming home we opted to take highway 2, which is narrow, steep and winding; three words I do not like to associate with driving. But it'd been a few years since traveling that way and I felt up for some adventure.

Rock formations reach for the sky

Road work caused us to stop and wait. Thankfully there was something to read!

Banks Lake looks like a river when you're crossing the bridge.

And there you have it, last weekend in pictures. Most of them were taken by Darling, the camera thief. Speaking of Darling, I took a peek at her youtube page and spotted the most incredible background wallpaper! How does the kid do that?


Sarah said...

LOL wonderful pics and story!! I love her hair!! I have one about that age...ever changing styles and colors. We are in to the hippie/rasta look right now..definitley better than the Goth thing - yikes. She was mildly goth but still.ewww. Your darling is just that! Sarah

Breathe said...

So beautiful (both the hair and the scenery).

Thanks for taking us on your journey!

Paint Girl said...

Beautiful pictures! Very breathtaking!
I don't like steep and curvy roads either, just like I don't like steep and curvy trails with cliffs! Must have to do with my intense fear of heights!
I love Darlings hair. It is such a cute cut and the color looks really good on her!

Anonymous said...

i LOVE the pics

Pony Girl said...

I loved the pictures! I think the lighting when you were photographing at Lea's was amazing. And Darling's hair is....darling! She can totally pull off that color and style. Glad you had a good road trip!! Have a fun and safe 4th of July weekend!

Karen C. said...

I think Darling has what I call 'fun hair.' :-) I have never been brave enough to do anything like that.

What a great trip and great pictures!

Karen and Tripp

Linda said...

I wished we lived closer--my Shiloh would love your Darling. Shiloh did the bright red hair one time, too--when she was abour 12. She told me she wanted it, so I took her down to our beautician and said go for it. It was long and red/orange--really stood out. Got a lot of crazy, colorful pictures of her that year!! I like Darling's new look. She looks great in the photos above, too--from your ride!! And good for Steve Holt! I dont know if my horses would do as well with their buddies flying down the trail.