Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Liberate Liberty!

Head on over to Mustang U for your chance to win! Sign up as a follower; when they hit 100 someone will win, so get your friends to sign up, too!

Plus, there's another Name Game going on, so plunk your thinking caps atop your little noggins and offer up a name (there, not here) for yet another opportunity to win.

The rains are falling here in W. WA, which should not be surprising considering this is the northWET, after all, but with all the lovely warm weather we've had, it seems somewhat foreign. The horses are all out standing in it, taking showers while grazing. Cloudy again today, though birds are out there singing. Had hoped for a trail ride but Darling made arrangements to visit the mall with cousin, Lanky Hanky, and Miss Banana Head is coming along to hang out with me, it would seem. Wonder what we'll do to occupy ourselves for a couple of hours in a mall?


Pony Girl said...

Have fun at the mall! :) Can't believe I'm going to say this: I like the rain, we need it! LOL! I put Mustang U on my sidebar, hope that helps!! Let us know if you want to ride on Thursday!

Paint Girl said...

Hope your shopping trip was fun!
I haven't ridden in quite a few days, can't wait to get back to it. The sun is supposed to make a comeback this week!