Sunday, September 21, 2008

Extreme Mustang Makeover Results!

Idol Division

1st - Careen Hammock and Taz
2nd - Matt Repogle and Johnny Landers
3rd - Byron Hogan and Mr. Understood
4th - Mark Burnett and Hoof Hearted (say this one fast! Ha!)
5th - Jocelyn Pretz and Darwin
6th - Lorrie Grover and Gifted River
7th - Ethan Lee and Prophet
8th - Joe Miesner and Mohican
9th - Dusty Roller and Telford (he is going to bid on this horse for his 6 yr old boy, who I got to have a conversation with while he was sitting on Telford - cute kid!)
10th - Janet Kalinowski and Mucho Mas

Legends Division

1st - Mark Lyon and Christian
2nd - Clint Bailey and Deets
3rd - Dan Keen and Trubador
4th - David Carter and Silverado
5th - Cindy Branham and Moses
6th - Wylene Wilson and Filthy Rich
7th - Martin Black and Peppy Sam
8th - Arvell Bass and Prince
9th - Dave Schaffner and RVOS
10th - Chase Dodd and Tennessee Titan


Mikey said...

Awesome, thank you, been waiting to see how everyone did.

Cindy said...

Hi! Just wanted to let you know that Dusty Roller was able to bring Telford home for our 6 yr old son Riley!! He is quite a kid and Telford is a very special horse! Take care! Cindy Roller

Tracey said...

Congratulations, Cindy! I heard that tonight on the mustang list. I'm very excited for you!