Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Time to Come Home

We decided to leave Quiet Storm at Cheryle's place for a few extra days. She was easily caught and BLM requirements would allow her to be turned out into our four foot woven wire pasture; however, it was early July and I wanted to be certain she was in a secure location over the holiday on the fourth.

I needn't have worried. Cheryle's family had a little celebration of their own, and our new 'wild' horse could have cared less. In fact, Cheryle's son had been doing some target practice out in the pasture, only a few hundred feet from Quiet Storm's paddock, and she never flinched.

When we first adopted, I'd called a friend to see if she'd haul our new horse home from Monroe, and she declined. In fact, all my friends declined, fearful of the damage a wild mustang would do to their trailers. So I hired a man who was at the adoption to bring our new baby home.

Now, a month later, I was again in need of someone to haul our new horse from Cheryle's to our place. I called a friend who lived nearby, a woman who'd been raising Quarter Horses for as long as I'd known her (a long time!) She hesitated, and asked if I knew whether or not the filly would actually get into the trailer. I assued her she loaded just fine, as we'd been practicing this week in the trailer at the arena. She agreed, but with some reservation.

A few days later the trailer pulled up and I led Quiet Storm out of the barn. "She's kinda cute," the QH breeder said, seeming just a little surprised to see the sleek, fit little mustang. I led her to the trailer and she hopped right in as though she'd been doing it all her life. Again, the QH owner was just a little shocked.

The ride home was short, the unloading uneventful. Quiet Storm raised her head and looked around at her new home as 12 year old Darling led her to the pasture. The QH owner just shook her head in disbelief. I had to smile. Katie's little wild horse was busy winning hearts!


Blueridgegirl said...

What a BEAUTIFUL horse! Tha's my absolute favoritest color horse... If I weren't scared of falling off, I would sit upon it and know that I looked good, if only because the horse is beautiful.

Kim in NC

Tracey said...

Kim, you're going to have to start small...perhaps on a merry go round? Get accustomed to sitting astride, then the feel of forward motion... :)

Thanks for the compliment on Quiet Storm; she's really an unusual color with the silvery mane and tail and darker legs. We've been told she's a 'silver bay', although her paperwork just says sorrel. Like you, I really enjoy these coppery colored ponies!